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Rate me bishie! Make me sexy!' (re-applying)



Who referred you here: No one, I am re-applying

Have you been rated before in this community:
yes [x]
no [ ]

If so, which bishie were you rated: Integral Hellsing( Yes I am the one who got it hands down..for the first try which was interesting.. ^^)

Do you want to be rated a bishounen or a bishoujo: Either one is fine with me.
bishoujo [x]
bishounen [x]

Will you do an "I was rated ...!" banner, so that we can display it here and link it back to your journal and the other way around?
yes [x]( If you want me to it's up to you.
no [ ]

Name: Steph
Nickname:Steph, Yuna-Chan, Dante, Integra
Age: 20
Birthdate: May 4th
Zodiac Sign: Dragon
Location: California, Sac-Town
Likes:I love to watch anime, play video games, watch movies, listen to music. I love to play DDR and Halo online.( To increase my intelligence on using snipers,pistols and frags. I love doing research into the dark occultism.I have a high respect for intelligent people! (I really appreciate intelligent lifeforms.)I love mainly any kind of weapon and Motorcycles. I love to wear black leather clothes sometimes as well as my fandom for anime tshirts.. I have a complete OCD of Nazi uniforms, but mainly any kind of international Uniform that the army,airforce or marines wear.. (Don't ask...), I love watching being torn apart piece by piece in movies or being blown up to smitherines. (Don't ask you won't like my answer..)

Dislikes:: Arrogance, Whiny adults, People who think it's fun to insult people or make fun of them. I also dislike people who smoke in the car and throws the cig out the window. People who throw other trash out the window as well. Extremely happy people. (They scare me...), Any person who whines at me for something stupid ought to be killed. (I hate them with a passion.) I hate traitors, end of story, people who put other people or interest/hobbies down because they haven't tried it. TRY IT BEFORE JUDGING!!.

Strong Points (as in characteristics):Very athletic, I'm strong emotionally and spiritually as well.I'm very quick when I run while attacking someone and dodge like crazy.(in case of fights ..), I prefer not to use guns or swords. If I can I stick to my fist.(not mechanical either.xD)I also care about my friends and loved ones. I try to protect as many people as I can during a fight. I can be intelligent and I can be stupid at other times..(mainly when Im hungry..-.-..) I can be extremely dark most of the times if not all the time. Usually I can be "Normal" if there is a normal in this universe.

Weak Points:I'm extremely cold inside, I can be a complete bitch to people when uneccessary. I also trust people and let them have another try at trusting when they betray it. (Must stop doing this). I don't let people in because I'm afraid of being betrayed and stabbed in the back. I also tend to believe people when I shouldn't.

Hobbies:Playing DDR and Halo,Photoshop, Imagready, Dreamweaver MX< Bossing people around for the hell of it. Swimming, lifting weights or working out with machines,

Talents(as in: "that's what I'm good at"): Well I would say singing, video games, DDR, Photoshop/Imageready, Dreamweaver MX, er..some how attracting the same sex and then them following you home (That was REALLY FUCKED UP DAY for me...)


Color: Red,Black and Silver
Food: Italian, Japanese, Korean and Chinese.
Drink: Mountain Dew, Mr Pibb, Pibb Extra, Dr Pepper, AMP, Fuze, Sobe
Animal: Panther, Jaguar, Dragon, Cougar
Band(s): I have way too many bands to list unless you want a page wasted on bands?..
Song(s): I have too many songs that I listen to, I can't give you an exact favorite song at this time.
Movie(s): The Omen Series, Amityville Series, Underworld Series, Ultraviolet, Kill Bill series, Resident Evil Series, Ghost in the shell:Original and Innocence. I watch a lot of international movies and can't remember all of the names.

Book(s): Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles and Stephen King Chronicles.
1.)"Your not getting respect unless you're kickin ass".
2.) "Drink by the chalice or die by the chalice".
3.) "If you know kanji use it"
4.) "Shoot to Kill."
* Series/Games: BloodRayne, Devil may Cry, Kengo, Bujingai, Genji, Halo, Soul Calibur, Need For Speed, GITS: Stand Alone Complex, Extreme G Racers, Legacy of Kain series, Killer Instinct,Chaos Legion,Mortal Kombat,DDR and others.

* Fav. Manga(s): Hellsing, SKU/RGU, Ghost in the Shell, Angel Sanctuary, Dragon Knights, Magic Rayearth Knight, Peach Girl, FAKE, Petshop of Horrors.
* Fav. Anime(s): Hellsing, GITS: Stand Alone Complex/GIGS, Vampire Hunter D/Bloodlust, Angel Sanctuary, SKU/RGU, Vampire Princess Miyu, Gravitation, Beserk, Bastard, Akira, X 1999/X
* Fav. Game(s): I would have to say Genji, Soul Calibur 3,Chaos Legion,DDR and Halo
* Fav. Manga/Anime Character(s):Integral Hellsing, Motoko Kusanagi, Yumie, Shroedinger, Saito, Pazu, Kira, Alexiel, Utena Tenjou and Juri Arisugawa, Miyu, Larva, Fuuma

* Fav. Game Character(s): Dante, Lau Wong, Maxi, Kilik, Necrid,Roziel,Rayne, Motoko and all the other badass characters out there.

Yaoi/Yuri/Het/Don't Care: I prefer Yuri over the other choices.

What do you look for in a friend: I look for interest and hobbies that they have in common with me.

What's important to you in a relationship (romantic one): I'm really not into dating or having a relationship. It doesn't interest me actually. One less to thing to worry about actually.

Do you have a role-model, if so who is it?: Yeah I do have a role model. I actually have two. The first one would have to be Integral Hellsing because what she believes in. She stands for truth and righteousness. She also fights and tries to eliminate trash on the planet. The second role model I have is Motoko Kusanagi because she does the same actually. She gets rid of the trash or vermin that shouldn't be in the streets on day to day life.(commiting crimes that is.) She works hard in life to achieve her dream as well as fighting for the truth. Integral and Motoko are very similar if you look close enough to see it. I can sympathize with them both when I say I'm actually quite alike with each of them. Their traits are built into everyone in the universe and thats just life.

What's your biggest dream: Well even if these people are anime characters they do put out a message about life and I would say I would want to achieve a job to what they do. Maybe a CIA agent or something. Something that fights for truth and for humanity and against the badguys.

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