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Rate me bishie, make me sexy!

Who referred you here: Nobody, I found it all by myself!

Have you been rated before in this community:
yes [ ]
no [x ]

If so, which bishie were you rated:

Do you want to be rated a bishounen or a bishoujo:
bishoujo [x]
bishounen [ ]

Will you do an "I was rated ...!" banner, so that we can display it here and link it back to your journal and the other way around?
yes [ ]
no [x] Oh, I would, but alas, I possese(ack! my spelling!) no program to make one!

Name:Leah Jeanne
Nickname: Lea, or Digi.
Birthdate: September 23, 1988
Zodiac Sign: Uh...i think i'm a Libra.....
Location: Somewhere over the rainbow
Likes: Lot's 'o things. Liiiiiike: dogs, singing (as loud as possible, of course!) Hao Asukura from Shaman King *giggles* Large words, philosophical discussions, truth, the beauty of nature, inside jokes, the purity of a white lilac bush....
Dislikes: Mer, I'd say people who say one thing and do another, cats, loud noises, anything that's the opposite of pure, being taken advantage of, and most definitely getting hurt (both physically and emotionally) is a HUGE dislike for me.
Strong Points (as in characteristics): Smart, loving, loyal.
Weak Points: Vain, easily hurt, can overanalyze things.
Hobbies: SINGING!!! Pushing little kiddies on the swing @ my friends house! ^_^
Talents(as in: "that's what I'm good at"): Encouraging others, lightening a bad mood, listening, seeing past the bright lights that people put up and getting to the heart of a matter.

Color: Pink, white, black
Food: Potatoes, French bread, rice
Drink: Sprite, green tea.
Animal: Dog!!!
Band(s): Ah, too many *holds head* Just know that I have amazingly diverse taste, with lighter-ish rock being my most favorite.
Song(s): Every single song seems to be my do NOT want to be around me when I'm listening to the radio, every song that comes on i'm like "OH!! I LOOOOVE THIS SONG!!!" XD
Movie(s): The Cat Returns, Howls Moving Castle, Princess Bride, Pride and Prejudice.
Book(s): LOTR, A Little Princess, The Screwtape Letters.
Quote: "It's better to love and lost your love than to have never loved at all"

* Fav. Manga(s):Yotsuba&!
* Fav. Anime(s): Samurai Shamploo, Shaman King.
* Fav. Game(s): Star Wars, Knights of the Old Republic
* Fav. Manga/Anime Character(s): Too would take all day to put them down! Fuu from SS is currently my fav though.
* Fav. Game Character(s): Again, way too many!

Yaoi/Yuri/Het/Don't Care: Ugh, all disgust me. I'm too sensitive and/or naive I guess.

What do you look for in a friend: Common interests, kindness.

What's important to you in a relationship (romantic one): Communication!!!!

Do you have a role-model, if so who is it?: No one, i've always been odd like that.

What's your biggest dream: To go 'round the world in 80 days or… just to go around the world. *snicker*

PICTURE of yourself (remember, you don't have to post one!)

Yay!!! Gothic Lolita is the BEST!!!!

Please provide us with a LINK to your journal
This is a link to my journal! YAY!

(by the way, this is such a great idea. Major props to whomever thought of it!!)


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